Editorial Shooting in Barcelona

In the summer of 2016, I had the pleasure of doing an editorial shoot with the great photographer and friend Ot Cuevas.
Ot has been my friend since my first stay in Barcelona. The contact has emerged over the social networks. I left Barcelona before summer and went to Mexico … more about that.
In the summer of 2016 we met again and in the district Barceloneta. We recorded the recording for the Summer Editorial 2016. Working with Ot is always great and I like to work with him.

For the Editorial Barcelona Summer 2016, I have changed my appearance to surprise the people. It has actually succeeded. The first photo on Facebook has received much attention. Question about the photo was: “with or without beard”
The opinions were very balanced. What surprised me honestly.
Ultimately, my look has won with beard. But it was very tight. I also see myself with beard. It has been my trademark for over 3 years. However, I can live with it if the beard is not too long. If you have not seen the post, go to my Facebook and have a look at my profile pictures 😉

Well, I have now again a few current photos without beard and can therefore also place with customers the no beard do not want.

The style I created, the shoot was very spontaneous and that is really fun. No big planning …. shoot quite spontaneously
The weather was great and I thank the Barcelona mag. For the cooperation and of course my friend Ot. I am happy to see you again soon and we are realizing a new project in Barcelona. The photos have not yet been published to this day by me.
So I wish lots of fun and for comments and suggestions I am looking forward to