Body Shooting Black & White in Tarragona

On a Saturday morning I made my way to Tarragona in the morning. Actually it was a village near the fashion photographer Jose Macó. Actually, Jose has his apartment. It is a nicely located apartment on the beach. Jose residential else with his two children and his wife in Tarragona.
I took the train from Barcelona (Estació de França) to Tarragona. It was very early and I was looking forward to the shoot with Jose. I already had a shoot in Barcelona with Jos and was looking forward to the repetition.

My idea was to make a body shoot u and publish the photos in black and white. Jose liked the idea of a body shoot and we agreed that date.
What I did not know was that Jose hired the make-up artist Charles Ros. Since I went out of a black and white project I did not know that a make-up artist was engaged.
I was glad, however, was Charles Ros, he did a good job. It is always nice for me to meet new people and spread my network.
The shooting we realized in the bedroom of Jose, as well as on the terrace with a great breakfast and in the kitchen when we prepared the breakfast.
The photos on the terrace, in the morning, I like particularly well.
The fact that I was allowed to spread in Jose’s bed, I expect him to be very big.
Finally, I put on my swimsuit and we took the last pictures in the swimming pool. The sun was already quite high, as it was meanwhile noon and photography became increasingly difficult. Not for Jose or Charles, but for me … the sun can be quite dazzling, which does not really look good in the photos.

It has been fun working with Jose and Charles and I hope the result of the Black White Body Shooting will please you