My name is Patrik Zurlinden and I am an international actor and model. I am from Bern, the capital of Switzerland and right now I live between Basel and Barcelona.

My career as a model started in 2007 with my first shoot with Blackout (a swiss fashion firm.) This photographer opened the doors for me to the world of modeling. I enjoyed the experience so much so I decided to apply for a modeling contest called Mister Bern 2008.

At that time I didn’t have any experience on catwalks, modeling and fashion at all. I’d never been to a casting before. Of all the guys that showed up to the casting, only 45 were selected and I was in that original selection. This is when I had my first experience on catwalks, doing interviews and facing the public. After that I started to work for other modeling agencies in Switzwerland.

That’s how I got into the fashion world and started traveling the world to model and I had the opportunity of being on several international catwalks like Mercedes Fashion Week (Mexico and Barcelona), Cosmobelleza (Barcelona), Liverpool Fashion Week (Mexico), Sear Fashion Week (Mexico) and others for Swiss fashion firms like Vögele, PKZ, Jocky, Globus, Manor, etc.

I spent half a year in Barcelona and this is where I began acting and starring in my first TV commercials. I did some work for the international agency, Drop&Vase, and after that I was cast in other projects and began to travel around Turkey and Mexico to shoot TV commercials for international brands. I really enjoyed acting and I wanted to improve my skills so I began to take acting classes. The jobs I enjoyed the most as a model were with Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel.

I have found my passion in this profession and what I love the most is having the opportunity to travel and meet new people. For me, it is important to create a great working atmosphere on set and to have fun with everyone on the team.

Besides acting and modeling, I have other passions and interests as well. I studied nutrition while I was in Bern and I did an internship in Nicaragua. When I returned I founded an NGO called Panutres. It is a social nutrition project for people without resources. Because of my experience as a baker, I help people understand how they can bake their own bread and open their own business.
You can read more about this project here:

I’m passionate about modeling, fashion and nutrition. It’s intereseting to me how these three things interesect and work together. I love that my career can complement my interest in helping others start their own businesses or careers. I love getting to know new people so if you have any questions just get in touch!